Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wholesale Sewing Supplies Galaxy Round

You all probably already know that I'm a bit of an astronomy geek. I absolutely love Hubble telescope images and when they get printed on fabric - well, I HAVE to have it!

The new round at Wholesale Sewing Supplies is the Galaxy Round and all the images are from the Hubble Telescope. Some have an added twist - one has lamas and another have a coffee design on it. The preorder is open through July 3rd. Order on the google form on the FaceBook Page.

I was sent the Southern Plane of The Milky Ways. It is gorgeous!

I made the Halla Agnes top version.

I used a Pink & Purple Space dyed athletic knit for the bands. It was a perfect match. I have leggings made with this and had intentions of wearing them together - but couldn't find them when I was doing my photos.

The colors in this print are beautiful.

I was using scraps of the athletic knit and did not have a long enough strip for the neckband, So I cut it in two pieces and made them overlap at the shoulder seams. I think I may make all my Agnes tops this way.

If you are a space junky like me - don't miss out of this print or the others offered.